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Frank Hespe offers a wide range of professional fiduciary services.

He is available to accept appointments as —








Mr. Hespe is uniquely positioned to act as a neutral fiduciary in either contested or uncontested matters.

Often family members, interested parties or the court system can benefit from utilizing the services of a neutral party when dealing with financial or legal matters of a person who can no longer manage their own affairs. Additionally, often a professional fiduciary can assist to administer an estate or trust after a person has died in cases where there is no close family member or potential conflicts between family members makes appointing a neutral person the wisest choice. 

As an attorney with 30 years of experience in elder law, wills, trusts and probate, Mr. Hespe has a wide range of legal and practical experience. Having spent much of the last decade involved in large and contentious estate and trust litigation, Mr. Hespe understands the underlying causes of potential and actual conflicts and has the experience and temperament to know which steps to take to avoid future conflicts or litigation.

Having seen the unfortunate cost in time, money and emotions that litigation inevitably entails, Mr. Hespe is committed to attempting to resolve matters with as little conflict as possible between the parties or family members. 

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